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Dhananjay Garg
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A new offering by foodpanda in Asia to deliver grocery orders within 10 mins.

Immersing myself into the company culture and more

The views expressed in this article are personal and in no circumstances is it affiliated to Delivery Hero/foodpanda or to any of it's future and current entities. 

I recently got interviewed for an exciting project at Delivery Hero (DH). It’s been indeed a rollercoaster experience to be part of a product that I never plan to work for when I first started looking for a job. Nevertheless, I accepted the company’s offer and decided to embark on designing something new at DH. While I was busy understanding the product and design scope…

Help users get the ground running on day one

Before we start, check out a snippet of growth tides that B2B companies in the tech space are making —

  • Miro users collaborate more than ever. For example, we saw a 166% increase in returned weekly operational teams between the beginning of March and mid-June and a 236% growth of weekly active users.
  • Launched in 2016, Loom is finally hitting its growth spurt. It’s up from 1.1 million users and 18,000 companies in February to 1.8 million people at 50,000 businesses sharing 15 million minutes of Loom videos per month.
  • In…

Top qualities required to become an entry-level product designer

It must be a hard job to secure an entry-level design position in the current job market. Recently, I did a quick LinkedIn search for the word “designer” in the Singapore region (my current location). And I found that 85% or more jobs are targeted towards hiring Senior level designers with work experience of 2–5 years. So, for example, I found 2,429 jobs, and 2,064 of those were not suitable for entry-level designers. So the only reason for companies not being willing to hire entry-level designers is that they do not…

We will have more UX Writers enter the industry in the next 5–10 years than ever before. Writers and content providers will adopt large touch screen devices like iPads as their preferred mode of communication. Companies can look to add these devices as and when the demand rises.

Breaking down the UX Writer career path

As the need for design rises, so does the need for writing empathetic, clear, concise, catchy, and intuitive micro-copies for all digital products. Since hands-on designers cannot adequately master the skills of carving words in the right tone and voice while also contributing to the development, there was a need for someone to fill that void with soulful words. Hence, companies started hiring UX (content) Writers. This tribe of members supports the team with product micro-copies and helps various groups produce content that cuts the chase and straightforwardly communicates the message.

While talking…

3 Questions to ask during your following hiring manager interview

Do you have any questions for me?

Umm… not at the moment

Don’t end your valuable design interviews like this. You might have got a chance to interview at your dream company. Still, by rejecting the opportunity to ask any questions to your interviewer, you have effectively just blown your options to make a lasting impression on the interviewer. Additionally, you have also missed an opportunity to understand more about the inner working and mindset the company operates on a day-to-day basis.

I firmly believe that this question is as important to prepare for as “tell me…

Learning from the industry’s best design practices

When hiring a product designer, companies look for critical skills that help them ship products without much hand-holding or even in record time. In addition, more and more companies are copying products from different markets and then modifying the concept for their local needs or reinventing the age-old concepts and pumping new life into dead topics. Either way, companies need stellar product design talent now more than ever. But having the best design talent on the planet is not nearly enough. …

Scaling a product with a dubious product-market fit

  • E-commerce startup XXX raises $2.5 million funding.
  • Hong Kong’s XXX Raises $28 Million in New Round of Funding.
  • XXX Chain Closes $25 Million in Series A Funding.
  • XXX Chain Closes $25 Million in Series A Funding.
  • XXX Investments raises $7 million in maiden institutional funding.
  • XXX raises $10.8 million in Series-A funding led by YYY.
  • EV infra startup XXX bags $4 million in funding.
  • Malaysia’s XXX reaches $1.3 Billion Valuation In Funding Round From YYY And Others.

Today professional networks like LinkedIn and tech news apps are filled with fascinating stories like…

Product, Design, and Strategy from the year 2021

I always keep a running journal of things that I come across on social sites and valuable links shared by friends or colleagues from my network. So here’s a list of 40 notable learnings that I want to keep in mind as I roll over to the new month of September in 2021. I have divided the list into design, leadership, feedback, getting hired, and design portfolio for ease of reading. Scroll below to see the entire list of learnings from the month of July-August 2021.

Before we start, here’s a quote…

What attracts consumers towards investing in your tech-education startup?

If you are running an education tech startup, chances are you are either struggling to gain signups from users 😐 , or you are killing it 💯. Registrations and paid customers are falling right — left — and center, and you are looking to scale your platform in ways no one has ever done before; if you are a founder of a thriving education tech startup, congrats 🎉 , you have made it 🙌.

But if you are struggling to make a mark, working to scale your services/courses, and increase your…

How Figma rose above other design tools even after entering the market late

It is safe to say that the entire design and product community is excited about Figma. But how did Figma make itself a dominant tool for every designer and, more importantly, the tech giants that employ hundreds of designers for their product features? Let’s dig into this topic and understand how Figma applied the same variables to other tools to make their mark in their respective industries.

History 👴

  • Figma had its first public release on September 27, 2016. On October 22, 2019, Figma launched Figma Community, allowing designers…

Dhananjay Garg

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