How to easily stack up miles on Strava

A simple trick to higher Strava rankings

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Gaining some miles on Strava and competing with some of the most accomplished athletes around the world can sometimes seem to be too daunting. Especially when you have a day job and weekends are not always available for riding along route.

Warning: This trick won’t help you to get 50,000K in a year but still can help you go farther than what your other friends with lame excuses would.

Ride every day to work – this is the only trick.

This might seem too hard at first, but this is a win-win deal. How?

  • When you commute to work on your bike, you ride every day. Your legs work every single day, no matter how short or how far.
  • You can perform a HIIT workout on short flat roads or steep inclines and burn all the extra fat you accumulate.
  • Once you study and ride your regular route, you can then start exploring other tarmac or gravel routes that can be used by only cyclists or someone on foot—this helps you to try different roads every single day and switch up things when bored.
  • You don’t need to get stuck in traffic. That’s right, getting stuck in traffic is something no cyclist has ever to face. You can quickly become a pro in riding busy roads once you start cycling regularly ‘coz you have to share the road with vehicles of every kind now and then since you’ll be riding in the city.
  • You save money. Riding on a cycle to work saves you more money than getting a cab or even getting a metro/public transport. You don’t really spend any money daily. The only thing you spend on is weekly or monthly maintenance or general wear and tear of parts.
  • Slowly stacking up miles on Strava is easier as compared to doing long rides every single day. Check this; for example, my workplace is around 13km from my apartment. Going and coming back from work allows me to put 26km of ride every single day. There is also a slightly longer route, which adds about 5km to my ride one way. That’s 36km of riding every single day! Multiply 26x20 days; I get 520K every month or 36x20days, which comes to 720K. Plus, every weekend, if I ride 100K, that’s 400K over and above what you have already achieved. Some weekends I push a bit harder and add 80K to that 920K to easily complete 1000K. If I were to do that only on weekends, I would have to do 125K every Saturday and Sunday. Last year in 2016, I completed more than 9,000K in about 10 months despite struggling with injuries.
  • You help the environment in a tiny way by not using a transport that emits harmful CO2. You should be proud of this.

This is just a simple solution to how you can slowly and steadily build up your legs, making a consistent effort every single day rather than doing one or two long rides every month or weekend. You will also increase your speed, lung capacity, and endurance, which can eventually lead you to take part in local races or long distance cycling events like brevets.

Hoping this would help you put some killer stats on Strava. You can follow me up on Strava here:

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