Inbox ZERO!

Increase your productivity and never miss out on anything critical

As designers, we get riddled with emails stacked over emails. It can easily take someone months to read everything that arrives in their inboxes.

It’s effortless to improve your ‘mail’ productivity. Just strive for a clean inbox at the end of every day. It is as simple as it sounds.

This small concept that I borrowed from an article in-flight increased my productivity ten times over. Even if a single mail remains in my inbox at the end of the day, it irritates me, disappoints me, and gets me worked up.

So, where does the mail go?

The mail goes nowhere! It would be best if you archived it asap. Don’t delete; you never know when some ancient problem gets zombified back to life. But if it does, make sure you kill it back to the achieved dump.

What about other daily tasks?

You might have a lot of tasks that aren’t in your mail. For this, I have two solutions — if you don’t want to install a new application, then mail yourself your pending task with the task mentioned in the subject line.

If you do want to install an additional app then, I recommend installing Todoist. It is a great app — it has a gamified approach of giving you Karma points for the number of tasks you complete, and it also levels you up based on the Karma points you earn.

What’s more?

Obsess! Obsess over details — Obsess over completing tasks every day — Obsess over-improving your work ethic — Obsess over going that extra mile — Obsess.



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