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I have been working out for about 1½+ years now. I lost about 40 kg in the first year and concentrated on building a ton a muscle ever since I was 3 months into this journey. If you want to know more about this, you can read it up here:

I have been subscribed to BodyBuilding’s YouTube channel, and a few months back, I came across this video on their channel.

I was quite intimated by how this guy was lifting and throwing around heavy ass weights with so many jerks and a full range of motion. I never saw a BodyBuilder(BB) doing something like that before. In fact, a lot of things this guy did was something BBs always said NOT to do (like taking the barbell all the way below chin level when doing a shoulder press).

I soon started consuming this 17 part series on Mat Fraser, currently titled the Fittest Man on Earth 2016–17. I wanted to get into doing CrossFit (CF) almost immediately but was also scared if it would cause havoc on my joints. Over a period of the next few months, I started concentrating on mobility and improving my CF knowledge while still training like a BB.

The Shift

After a few weeks, I decided to shift to a new place closer to my workplace — this would cut down my commute time greatly, and I can actually take shorter bike trips to the office daily. As I was returning home one evening, I came across a street filled with print ads that said “YOU NEED CROSSFIT” with a silhouette of a guy flipping a tire and a call-to-number! I quickly decided to call and enquire about the location of the gym and other stuff. Surprisingly, the gym was close-by to my new place, and they were actually inviting me for a couple of trial sessions to get the feel. AWESOME!

Though, as lazy as I am, I didn’t visit the gym the next day. Then, I had to do some work travel for 2–3 weeks, and my laziness pushed it further down. But one Monday morning, I decided to get ready and show up at the gym at 0630hrs. I went in, attended a trial class, and was completely crushed. The coach pointed out dozens of mistakes in my squat form and other stuff that I need to start paying attention to.

After a few days, I joined the gym, and it’s been a month since I have been a regular there. Now, I still have loads to learn, but I feel that I am at a good starting place right now.

Here are a few pointers why you should consider joining a CF gym instead of your regular machine-driven gym:

1 — BodyBuilding is just aesthetic. CrossFit is more functional. It’ll help you build more strength while also working on your conditioning.

2 — CF is not bad for your joints unless you do ego lifting. In fact, CF gyms have a compulsory warm-up and joint mobility/stretching drill programmed into every session.

3 — It will help you do HIIT more often.

4 — You will do more of the compound movements and zero of the isolation movements.

5 — You will learn to do more bodyweight movements just like Callisthenics that will work on your conditioning, full range of motion while continuing to build more muscle. If you thought there is just one way to do a pull-up or a movement like a push-up, then your myths will be crushed in here.

6 — You will do the entire session in a group and not be miserable on a leg extension machine. In fact, CF group sessions have loads of energy around as compared to BB gyms.

7 — Crossfitters look ripped all year round, unlike BBs. BBs look ripped only during the competition days. Crossfitters train more like athletes. Plus, they don’t cut on water or food to look ripped on the competition day. Most of them eat a lot, really a lot — every single day.

8 — There is no cutting and bulking season in CF.

I hope this helps you to jump right into it. Also, here’s a highlight clip of the 2017 Reebok CrossFit games. Soak it in!

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